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This film is a great work of composition.
Not just because everyone did their part. A good portion of the time was dedicated to put together and organise what was offered to us by many people. To unite them in way to make the best out of it for everyone.
A good example was food, we didn't have a person in charge of the kitchen, professional chefs or even a catering service. There were many women and some men who agreed to cook for us day after day. It was all going from place to place or waiting for someone somewhere.
We would go to one house to pick up the rice another to pick up some vegetables, and another to pick up the chicken curry, ect.
If needed we would cook together. we shared our food, we ate with our hands and everyone would wash dishes.

'Obstacles institutionalize the cowardice' says a maestro of independent cinema. In the creative process and in realisation of this film we found ourselves in various complications, we faced many obstacles. Big and small, both institutional and relational.

The reason behind choosing a crew consist of a srilankan DOP and technicians was solely dictated by the need to value the skills and different forms of doing art, other styles and origins of the italian context. Most of the time in Europe there is a lack of recognition for these competencies.
It is important for the second generation in Italy turn back and appreciate the style and wisdom of their countries of origin. Learn to recognize the visions and values of those cultures to not suffer, in the West, a standardizing integration process.